Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nothing to Say

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I'm listening to Moldy Peaches, which may or may not enhance the blogging experience.

Tracking for the solo album will be occurring between now and June 13, 2017.  Stay tuned.

Animal is doing a face to ankle touch.  So stretchy, you are, oh animal that beats the skins.

Possible Solo Album names: The Greatest Album in the World, Three Weeks Ago, My Issues: Your Ears, Mortimer Gingham...

It's almost as if I've taken my Twitter and turned it into a blog.  How annoyingly annoying.

My midi keyboard doesn't get very much use.  This is an issue that will hopefully be remedied over the next couple months.  Midi drums on the album or acoustic drums?  Acoustic, you fool.

Rachel: Wanna have a beer now?

Glynn:  He's not asleep yet.

Rachel:  (frowns) He was!!

I really hope child services doesn't read this blog.  We're good parents, I swear.  Really.  We make sure he eats every day and bundle him when it's cold and even use a properly installed child seat.  Don't judge us, child services.  Are you really looking out for the child's well-being or do you just have quotas to fill.

I'm shaking my head and smirking right now. 

Rachel: What?

Glynn: Nothing.  When you read my blog, you'll know what...

Chase:  Wah.  Wah.  Waahh.

Okay.  I'm gonna play guitar now.  And it will be so good you will have wished that you could have been in the place of its happening.

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