Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Exercising the Live Performance Muscle

Nothing can substitute for performing live.

No matter how often you practice or how many times you sing the songs and play the parts and go over the transitions and contemplate the banter and work on the attitude and make sure the setlist flows well and set-up mirrors to see what you look like and ask a friend to stop by to give you criticism and record yourself and watch the tapes and listen to the vocals and guitar parts and drum parts...

Nothing can substitute for performing live.

The adrenaline, the give and take with the audience, the getting past mistakes, the bright lights, the lack of lighting onstage, the sensation that your songs are clicking which gives you more energy, the realization that everyone's not getting it which saps your enthusiasm...

You can't simulate those things.

I haven't played out in a while.  About 6 weeks, which is the longest hiatus I've taken since my son Chase was born last November.

But I am going to be in a musical revue this weekend.  Different context, same "Live Performance Muscle".

Just can't wait to be rocking with Oh Girl again...

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