Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Late Night Pictures

For whatever reason, I'm awake.  So now is as good a time as any for blogging.

Listening to Bright Eyes.  I just recorded a demo that reminds me a lot of them, so I put their song on and it's close but not a total rip off.  Epic inspiration-from-awesome-artist success...

More late night pictures... the last insomnia post had pictures of Bonnaroo.  This time I choose pictures of...


A super cool avant garde sculpture in the Artist area with couches underneath

The same structure at night

Beck is super effing cool

Radiohead and their light show

More Radiohead (wish these came out more clearly)

Primus and a giant astronaut

The Ice Cream Man.  Do yourself a favor and look this guy up.  He's doing amazing things.

Rodrigo y Gabriela.  I got to meet them in the Artist area and they were humble and super nice and I will be a fan for life

Wow.  I'm still really awake.  What now?  Just go lie down, Glynn.  Okay...

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