Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm Not Cool

Hmmmm... not really a revelation, really...

Factually, empirically, objectively...


Contemplatively, introspectively...


Honestly, dishonestly, self-awarely (is that a word?), and purposefully...


The middle is uncool.  Fence sitting is uncool.  Declarative statements are uncool.  Not nearly as mysterious as interrogatives and certainly not as exciting as exclamatories...

28 going on 19 is uncool.  Dried spittle on your shoulder is uncool.  Messy bedrooms and customer service positions are uncool.

Writing this blog post is uncool.  Admitting your uncool is uncool.  Caring is uncool.  Pretending you don't care is the utmost uncool.

Worrying about being uncool is uncool.

Thinking too much... you guessed it.  Uncool.

Love handles are uncool.  Too much fast food is unhealthy.  Unhealthy is uncool.

The fact that I've written this much about being uncool is uncool.  Waffling on posting this blog is uncool (see previous reference to "fence sitting").

Being so self-absorbed is uncool.  So, in all honesty, most blogs are uncool.

Okay.  Time to write some music.  Which is uncool if you don't share it with other people...

1 comment:

  1. Thinking you are cool is uncool too. So for my money and the fact that I like your blog..I find you very cool.