Sunday, June 3, 2012

You Don't Get Anywhere by Announcing Your Intentions

Yeah. This blog is a journal of sorts. If you're reading, I thank you. And I despise you because you keep me from being my true self because I seek your approval. I need to be accepted by you. Otherwise there are no repeat visitors, no audience, no purpose to this blog. Which is bullshit because didn't I say that this is a journal? And does a journal depend on any reader other than the writer himself or herself? It shouldn't. And so your weaknesses and deficiencies are exposed...

Blacklisted. A loaded term. You did something worth prohibiting. Worthy of being remembered... but don't do it again.

It's hard to write a post while listening to Black Star. Genuine. Authentic. And really good. Would that I could create art like this.

Don't say. Don't not do.

Circular reasoning. A feeling other than believing. It's true because it is.