Saturday, August 25, 2012

OCD just... works for me...

Lots can happen in almost three months...

I start a brand new job with an awesome company on Monday. And I can't think of what to say in this blog because I've forgotten how to write in the past three months...?

Question mark because I'm not sure if that's true or if it's just an excuse.

Excuses are easy. Much easier than taking a good hard look in the mirror and bringing to light your own shortcomings, misgivings, and failures.

OCD, huh...? Maybe. I do eat my burgers in circles...

I just googled "eat burgers in circles" and nothing very interesting popped up. I may or may not have to make my way down to San Diego to fill my belly soon, though.

My double stroke roll is coming along nicely. I guess that's what's happen when you actually practice and don't just rely on natural talent.

I am arrogant. I am humble. I am clueless. I will stumble. But if I can keep my feet underneath my body for another moment or two, I know I can become truly great.