Thursday, April 1, 2010

Self-Doubt is my Self-Helper

Self-doubt is such a creep.  A straight up, makes me wanna punch it in the face kinda creep.  Key its car, flip it off, kick it in the shins kinda creep.  Spread rumors about its penis size, joke about its haircut, make fun of its clothing kinda creep...

Wait.  Let's look at the situation logically and without emotional attachment...

"My music isn't good enough."

How do I know that empirically?  Am I devoting as much time as I can to my music?  Do I practice guitar enough, write lyrics and study them enough, work on my vocals enough?  Obviously, no.  So in a way, yes, my music isn't good enough.  Because I'm not living up to my potential, I'm selling myself short, I'm half-assing it and hoping to just get by.  Which, of course, isn't good enough...

So maybe self-doubt isn't a creep.  Maybe it's just my sub-conscious saying, "Get off your lazy ass and become less sucky because I know you can..."

Thanks, self-doubt.  You've got a knack for motivating me.

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