Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coachella 2010- My Virtual Fantasy Impossible Dream Set List- Part 3

Coachella comes to a close today.  I'm sure there was much fun to be had by everyone there.  The twitter stream has had some pretty cool updates.  My jealousy abounds...

It's the final part of my exercise in hypotheticals.  Thanks for reading.


2:10-2:55- Local Natives
It's always a good thing to support local bands, and this OC musical conglomeration is about 3 seconds from breaking massive worldwide crazy everyone will know about them.

3:15-4:00- Mutemath
As brilliant as all of their recorded music has been, I've heard their live show blows everything out of the water...

4:25-5:10- Matt and Kim
Because everyone deserves to be wildly, insanely happy for at least a little while...

4:45-5:30- Sunny Day Real Estate
Because every kid who listened to grunge-emo-melodic-shoegaze in the 90s secretly wanted to be in this band...

3:50-4:40- Yo La Tengo
I'll admit it.  Another band on my "you should really get into this band" list...

6:30-7:20- Spoon
I've heard their live set isn't that great, but I'd rather see them for myself and decide.

7:45-8:55- Pavement
I was bummed I couldn't make their show at the Fox in Pomona on Thursday.  Stephen Malkmus is a genius and Wowee Zowee is the raddest OC to Santa Barbara soundtrack ever.  "Grave Architecture" makes me shake my head with joy every time...

9:00- Thom Yorke
No explanation necessary

And I'm pretty sure Thom Yorke is how I would have ended my Coachella.

I had a lot of fun actually describing my virtual set list... Let's see if I can't make it an actual "I get to go" playlist next year!!

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