Saturday, April 17, 2010

Coachella 2010- My Virtual Fantasy Impossible Dream Set List- Part 2

Saturday at Coachella is already in full swing, but what the hell... Let's keep this exercise in hypotheticals rolling, shall we?


12:25-1:15- Rx Bandits
Matt Embree is an inspired songwriter, a surprisingly soulful singer, and a kickass guitarist.  Their album "The Resignation" owned my life the summer of 2004.  I've already seen them live twice before, but I wouldn't be able to pass them up.

3:25-4:10- Girls
Okay.  I admit it.  The only reason I want to catch this band live is to see if they live up to the hype.  So sue me...

4:25-5:15- Beach House
I'm absolutely obsessed with "Teen Dream" right now, sooooo... Also, I'm always curious to see how 2 pieces pull off their live sets.  Do they add musicians?  Is everything simplified?  Are the arrangements more sparse, which means that there's less to hide behind?  I promise you.  This would have been one of the highlights of my hypothetical Coachella...

5:10-6:00- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
I really, really, really dug Ima Robot while they were a band.  And there's something about creating alternate stage personas that really appeals to me.  And that lead singer guy's beard is pretty impressive.  Beard points alone make them a must see.

6:25-7:10- the xx
A co-worker of mine played some of their tunes for me a whlie back, and I was very intrigued.  Again, this is an example of a band that's been on my radar, I haven't really super gotten into them, but would love to, so why not go catch them live?

6:40-7:30- Coheed and Cambria
I just want to listen to that voice and watch that hair bounce.  Oh, and their guitar work is wicked sweet as well.

7:55-8:45- Faith No More
Really... It's fuckin' Faith No More.  Of course, you're seeing this!!!

10:35-11:25- Les Claypool
Slappin' da bay-yuuhsssss.  A revolutionary musician.

11:05-12:00- The Dead Weather
I have a secre man crush on Jack White.  And I have a secret woman crush on Alison Mosshart.  "Treat Me Like Your Mother" is one of the swaggerest songs of all times...

11:40- Tiesto
Because shaking your ass just never gets old...

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