Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saturday Song #4 and Insomnia and an EP

I'm a night owl.  Can be dead tired at 6:30pm, then hit my second wind and stay up till 2am, no problem.  Not so good if you're trying to be up for work at 7 in the morning.  Perfectly fine for those late night bouts of creativity from which so many brilliant songs come.

It's at times like those, the 1:30am creative sessions, that I wish the most for a lockout.  Then I could go hole up and make music till my eyes burn.  And it would be good.  Or horribly horrible, but documented, nonetheless, which means it would be good.

I've decided that I'm going to record and self-release a solo EP.  I'm really excited because just making the decision to record an EP instead of a full length has made things much clearer.  I already have 5 really good songs in mind (possibly 6) and they're all linked thematically and stylistically, which is somewhat of a surprise.  And I've got a title, and ideas for artwork, and an entire campaign that ties everything together.  The way things are going now, I hope to track and mix everything by June and maybe even plan a trip up to San Francisco to do a show, if everything falls together.  At any rate, just typing all of this out is making me that much more motivated to make it happen.  Get.  Her.  Done...

And now for Saturday Song #4!!  This one's a somber one about love and making mistakes and making things right.  Enjoy...

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