Friday, April 13, 2012

Write About What's Important

About staying up until 1 in the morning playing guitar.

About trying to comfort your son after he's hit the back of his head and there's a huge bump and he doesn't want to keep the bag of frozen vegetables on the bump because it hurts and there are tears streaming down his face and chewed up bits of peanut butter and jelly sandwich oozing out of his mouth and he still has the wherewithal to laugh at Lightning McQueen.

About how much you love watching your wife while she's sleeping...

About how your tiny cat can take up what feels like the entire queen mattress.

About how the big swedish fish are better than the smaller ones.

About how there are people in the world that argue for the sake of arguing, people who take pride in cutting down others, people who feed off of negative energy and can't wait to nay-say and criticize and poke holes in everything you hold dear.

About how there are people that are nothing like that.

About how when your son was born it made you realize how much your parents love you. And it made you feel sad, guilty, humbled, loved, happy, proud, amazing all at the same time.

About how you hope your typing won't wake her up...

It did...


Good night.

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