Monday, April 2, 2012

Free Write

I have nothing to say about the time when I woke up and my dad was getting arrested but he was in the right because he had parked on the street facing the wrong way is never the right way and if it was easier it would just be called t he way only at target i can't believe that i switched over to target is the spot makrs the x marks the spot and typs suck but are a necessity i guess when you free write it could be good or it oulcd be bad and maybe i don't know how to spell but it's always a good thing to slow down and take your time instead of trying to win the lottery you could just show up to work and collect a key to your own self absorbed and permittied maze of a a cage of a disapointment...


Two minutes of free writing was really hard.

And I don't think that I performed the exercise correctly.

But practice makes permanent, they say...

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