Friday, April 20, 2012

Slowly But Surely

My room is dirty. I don't know how to play guitar. I can't run a mile without stopping.

I picked up a sock. I picked up a guitar. I picked out a pair of running shoes.

I turned on the TV. Wow, drums are cool. I'm too tired to get out there today.

I picked up my clothes and did some dusting. Hm, this tab is getting easier. Another slow run, but I'm feeling better.

More arranging. I just wrote another song. Going for a personal best in my 5K tomorrow.


It seems like things happen all at once, but they really happen slowly. As long as I take the right steps towards my goals, I can achieve them.

Yes, it's cheesy. No, it's not sexy. Yes, it takes a lot of hard work. No, it's not easy.

Yes, slowly... but surely.

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