Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Music I'm Excited About

The new Japandroids single, The House That Heaven Built. Coming out May 15th. Album dropping June 5. Yes, these guys were one of my inspirations for starting up a 2 piece band... Oh Girl!

Rubblebucket. An 8 piece band that I can only describe as an introspective dance party that has wedged itself into the wrinkles of my grey matter (because it's such intellectual music [Damn. It's true. If you have to explain yourself, it's not as effective]). I'm hoping I can sneak over to see them on Friday so I can bear witness to this...

Gethsemane by Paul Nolan. Yes, the song from Jesus Christ Superstar. Rachel and I saw JCS when we were in New York ten days ago, and it was amazing. I was a big fan of Paul Nolan's Jesus. Weird, but he had a country swagger that strangely fit.

Wow... I just spent the last 10 minutes watching JCS clips on YouTube... Go Music!!

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