Monday, April 16, 2012


They say that men don't like to ask for directions ("they" being most people, "men" being the male species, "directions" being help in general).

Is it a machismo thing? A bravado thing? An "I'm the man so I should know everything and I can't show weakness" thing...?

My dad still keeps a Thomas Guide in his car. If Rachel's dad ever gets on Amazing Race, he says he wouldn't hesitate to ask for directions. I don't think I know two wiser men than my dad and Rachel's dad.

We all need help. It doesn't make sense to continue to go it alone, if you can reach out for help and build a relationship and leverage the power of two minds are better than one is the loneliest number pushers can isolate but the rest of us would do better to work in committees.

I'm selfish. I want to do it by myself. I'm arrogant. I feel like I can get it done all by myself. I'm wrong. I'm stagnant. I need help. Help developing better swim technique. Help capturing the aural ideas in my brain. Help developing projects at work. Help raising my son. Help balancing everything in my life.

I need help. And I have it. I'm a really lucky guy...

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