Saturday, March 24, 2012

Yes, I said I never would, but...

... I'm updating from my iPhone again.

So, sue me. I'm in New York, and I'm one of the seventy-three people age 30 or younger in America without a laptop. So, I'm updating from my iPhone.

Wow, I'm in New York. For my first anniversary. With the love of my life. And it's been a really amazing trip so far. Our first in over 4 years, which is all at once amazing and unbelievable and depressing and completely exhilarating!

Red eye flight was quick but uncomfy. Always woke up with a sore neck; could never get in a good sleeping position; slept for over 3/4 of the flight, but didn't really get any rest.

Landed at 5:40am. Took a cab to 60 Thompson, our swanky hotel in SoHo. This place is rad and hipster-y and totally way too cool for Rachel and I. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to enjoy the hell out of this amazingly comfortable king bed with its feathery pillows and sleep inducing sheets...

Slept in a bit, then woke up and hustled down to the Seaport TKTS. Navigating the subway system is like trying to learn a new language. I wish SoCal had a subway system, but it's way too spread out. It is very liberating to walk and take trains everywhere though. I'd probably be way more healthy, too. We decided to get Jesus Christ Superstar tickets even though it's still in previews.

Train back to SoHo. Picked up pizza and garlic knots for lunch and took it back to our room. Greasy, but serviceable. Watched TV and rested till we walked to Dylan Prime for dinner. It's a steakhouse in TriBeCa, and Rachel and I ate there 5 years ago, but it feels like it could have happened months ago...

Oh yeah. Collateral is a bomb movie, and Jamie Foxx is really good. What happened to that guy?

Train to JCS. Amazing show. Really liked Jesus and Judas killed it even though he was an understudy. I loved seeing how proud of Judas the rest of the cast was during bows. They were all congratulating him, and you got the feeling that he was a great young actor that paid his dues and was finally getting his big chance. And he did so well, you couldn't help but be happy for him.

Long day planned tomorrow. Newsies lottery, brunch with Emily and Nate, a matinee?, a night show?, dinner at the View rotating restaurant in Times Square, drinks with a good friend of Rachel's that she hasn't seen in years. Long day, can't wait!!

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