Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Patience and/ or Attention Span

Lacking in both nowadays.

Rachel loves herself some Downton Abbey.

I had playtime with Chase for about an hour before his bedtime tonight. He's getting so big and is progressing so quickly everyday. He noticed that his Thomas the Train bridge was made up of shapes. "Ah an gul." Yeah, bud, it's a triangle. Good job!

Patience, Glynn. Focus. Played guitar for a bit tonight. Tried to work on a song that I had recorded bits and pieces of a long time ago. Couldn't figure out what the song should be about. It's difficult trying to write a song about writer's block. Sometimes songs just don't happen. Inspiration isn't there. I'm focused on something else. Or I just plain don't have it. Funny how my best songs normally happen when I'm not even trying to write a song. Except for the hitRECord creative explosion of 2011. Hahahaha...

Attention spans shrinking. Twitter. Status updates. Tumblr. Everything is now, now, now, yesterday, two weeks ago... It's getting harder and harder to keep up, and I have a feeling that pretty soon, I just won't...

Man, I don't even have the patience or attention span to properly finish this blog post. I blame it on 2Pacalypse Now. Thanks, Spotify...

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