Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pushing Boundaries

Is what I'm doing, playing, writing, singing... is any of it pushing the boundaries enough?

I took a directing class while I was a third year at UCI. There were several memorable moments throughout the quarter, but one that sticks out most of all is a discussion regarding an excerpt from a play that I've since forgotten. A classmate had been assigned this scene to direct... and there was a line in the script that called for the main character to gaze into some sort of device that contained the universe or some sort of prism with beauty beyond articulation. I really wish I could remember which play/ scene/ character/ plot device was being discussed. Anyways, my classmate had chosen to make the device more believable and not so outlandishly beautiful/ unbelievable. And our professor, the wise sage Keith Fowler, asked, "Why would you want to do that? If given the choice between making something ordinary or making something beyond belief, why would you settle for ordinary?" And that stuck with me... if only subconsciously up until this blog post.

Am I settling for the ordinary? Am I doing work that's just "good enough"? Or am I pushing myself to reach the point where my work/ music/ performance is beautiful beyond articulation...? Or at least memorable so as to force the audience to pick a side of the fence...

It's 22:52. Go work on forcing people to have an opinion about you, Glynn. Go push some boundaries...

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