Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There's a rhythm to New York City. And, no, I'm not talking about the Barry Manilow song...

I mean that there's a cadence to how the people walk the streets, how the subway comes and goes through each station, how the rickshas and horse drawn carriages travel through Central Park, how the Broadway patrons flood out into the streets after each show, how the taxi cabs weave in and out of traffic, how the street vendors call out to you and move on to the next passerby once you've snubbed them, how the locals acknowledge you as a tourist because you're out of rhythm...

And, yes. Tourists are out of rhythm... not just in Times Square or SoHo or Central Park. Tourists everywhere are out of rhythm. Tourists at Disneyland. At the beach. In Hollywood. And it's a beautiful thing because being out of rhythm is being out of your comfort zone and the only way you can truly grow is to be outside of your comfort zone.

That's the beauty of traveling. You learn so much (if you're actually paying attention) when you travel. You step outside your bubble, you expose yourself to different customs and traditions and rhythms of life, and you can't help but become a different version of yourself through this exposure.

I wish I could travel more. And benefit from experiencing life beyond my own apartment, neighborhood, town, city, county, state, country... Because I want to learn and I want to be shaped by those experiences.

Thank you for a beautiful first anniversary trip, New York City. I hope I see you again very soon...

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