Thursday, November 4, 2010

I've been a dad for 51 weeks...

My son Chase turns one a week from today.

Howzabout a recap of some things I've learned in the last 51 weeks...?

- Sleep can wait.
- The days you want to wake up early are typically after the nights that end up being difficult.
- Every parent becomes "that parent".  You know, the "let me show you the latest picture/ video of my kid because he/she is the cutest thing ever and can do no wrong" parent.
- I love Rachel more than anything.
- Chase is a closer than close second.  I'm talking billionths of a percentage point... (It hurts to admit that)
- Every child bruises the heck out of himself/herself within the first couple weeks of walking.
- My best songs are about my family.
- I totally get why my dad would just let my brother, sisters, and I cry some times when we were younger.
- It's really hard to not hold Chase until he falls asleep...
- Time flies... so fast...

You're almost one, bud...  I love you...

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