Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1:53 am...

... and I'm up.

Chopping up Oh Girl videos from our show at the Blue Cafe in HB.

Possibly booking another show there soon...?

Oh Girl is rock, improv, funny, accessible, clever, unique, fearless, rude, careless, carefree, careful, honest, contrived, fast, slow, soft, loud, easy, difficult, probably crazy, definitely crazy... 

Chase turns one in 2 days.  He's asleep in his crib right now.  The last couple weeks he's been getting up much more frequently throughout the night.  And I used to just go pick him up and sit in the rocker with him on my lap till he fell asleep again and I could place him back in his crib.  Which isn't good because he shouldn't get used to being held to fall asleep.  Apparently, it's a hard habit to break.


I'm already having trouble letting go...

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