Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Already December?!?

Today is the last day of November.  The cliche "Where has the time gone?" holds particularly true for me this year...

I have a one year old son.  I'm engaged to get married in 4 months.  I'm beginning to enjoy when things slow down as opposed to always trying to keep things at light speed.  But I'm also pleased with the knowledge that when I need and want to get things going, I still can.  Just not every weekend...

December is always a bittersweet month.  One year ending and another beginning.  Relaxing in the excess of the holiday season before the eventual countdown to the youthful rush of spring and summer.  "This portion of Glynn's blog has been brought to you by schmaltz (and it's connotation not denotation)..."

I'm wearing my Weezer t-shirt.

Chase is crying downstairs while Rachel is working on origami flowers for the wedding.

Glee is on in 52 minutes and Sean and Candace will be over soon to watch it with us.

I like facts.  They're easier to make up than interesting stories and far more entertaining, too...

"What's the point?" 

"... there's supposed to be a point...?"

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