Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Since I'm up and on a roll of sorts...

Let's see how my left brain works.

Yes.  I will ramble on this blog.  But there will also be posts about the actual logistics that will go into recording and releasing an album.  Because in my opinion you need to balance artistry with reality...

First things first.  I haven't really ever done anything like this before, so plenty of my notions about the detail side of recording an album might be completely off base.  I'm planning on having people laugh at my naivete.  I'd actually prefer that some do... we can all use some blackboard inspiration material.  But, if for whatever reason, you have an informed opinion that will save me time and money, I am all ears.  This blog is NOT me saying I know everything.  If anything, it's my attempt to reach out to anyone and everyone who can help me along the way because I NEED HELP!!!  Thank you for reading the caveat...

Here's a list of goals (some realistic, some completely off the wall head in the clouds if I pull it off I will be extremely surprised but why not?):

- Record an album (duh)
- Write and home demo 25 songs (pretty much just an acoustic and my voice)
- Bounce these songs off of my musician/ tastemaker network for opinions and ideas
- Rent a 24 hour lockout for one month and outfit it with all my instruments and recording equipment
- Record the album in that month with several guest musicians
- Write a song with Nicole Vaughn for the album
- Open a show for Amber Rubarth or The Paper Raincoat
- Video tape the entire process for a series of "Making of" vids
- License several of my songs for Television/ Film use
- Tour the country in support of the album with Rachel and Chase right there with me!!
- Become a working musician from this album
- Have Seth Godin mention me in his blog as a success story
- Start a label with the help of Chuck Stubbs that focuses on singer/ songwriters
- Play a show at The Hotel Cafe
- Be completely transparent with all of my successes and failures

I'm dreaming big with this one.  Because it's the only way to dream...

I'd like to have a post like this every month or so because it's nice to anticipate and hopefully I can begin to check some items off the wishlist...

Well, so much for left brain logic...

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  1. No dream is too big, they're what makes life exciting, love the blog