Friday, February 12, 2010

I Missed a Day... and Oh Girl

I didn't update this blog last night.

And I feel guilty.  Like I forgot to roll up my windows and it started to rain.  Or I left the stove on during a weekend getaway.  Or it was casual friday and I showed up in a business suit.

Not an overbearing heart in your throat dwell on it make you wake up in the middle of the night kind of guilt.

More of a gee that's embarassing I hope nobody noticed kind of guilt.

Because I'm sure that not many people will notice.  It's just the beginning of this blog and I'm still finding my sea legs and it's definitely evolving and will hopefully be more fully fleshed out soon.

But still...

I noticed and it bums me out because if I can't prove it to myself than it doesn't matter what you think... 


Oh Girl

One of the two music projects I'm in right now. 

A rock improv poppy conglomeration of two.

We're hopefully going to be recording a couple songs in March, shooting some video, releasing them via myspace, and facebook, and some other outlets.  Maybe throwing some stuff on Tunecore.  Possibly on Anjuno

The thing with Oh Girl is we make up songs on the spot.  Kinda like Whose Line Is It Anyway? but with a rock band instead of comedians.

So the A side will be a fully formulated song.  And the B side will be an on the spot improv.

We'd like for the B sides to have crowd interaction, too.  We'll be recording at the Stargate and maybe we can get some people to stop by and hangout and provide the inspiration for the B sides.

I like thinking out loud (on screen, thru keyboard?)...

Oh Girl!!

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