Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cinema Saturday- loudQUIETloud

Thanks to @PasteMagazine for the tip.

Today, Chase and I watched loudQUIETloud, the 2006 documentary focused on the Pixies 2004 reunion tour.  I won't bore you with a review.  If you're a Pixies fan or a fan of good music or a fan of good cinema, you'll do yourself a favor and watch the film.

I will say that my favorite parts of documentaries following bands or athletes or the President or any other famous figure are the behind-the-scenes moments.  Those little glimpses into the human sides of these juggernauts that the public so rarely gets to see.  Charles Thompson's candid interview with NME in which he outlines the tension that led to the Pixies break-up.  Kim Deal's request that no alcohol be allowed backstage to help maintain her sobriety.  Joey Santiago on tour iChatting with his wife and daughter on his daughter's birthday.  David Lovering asking the audience at one of his magic shows to say hi to his parents who are in attendance.

We're all real people with real issues and failures and successes and worries and problems.  Even the people we put up on a pedestal.  And I love seeing the real sides of celebrities.  Sometimes you're pleasantly surprised; other times you wish you'd never pulled back the curtain.

Nowadays, it's gotten to the point where you can't tell if celebrities are being genuine or just putting up a front for publicity's sake.  The internet has given us a 24/7 glimpse into a lot of celebrities' lives, even when they struggle to maintain their privacy.  Is that the trade-off for leading a privileged life?  If it is, why would anyone want that?

Celebrity is evolving.  The line between famous and infamous is being blurred everday.  Why is Spencer Pratt famous?  Are we that sick and twisted to the point of being fascinated by that trainwreck of humanity?  And will there ever be a point where we stop giving in to smut and elevate ourselves to topics that are more important?  I hope so.

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