Friday, February 12, 2010

GOAL: Lockout by June

Practice space.  Recording space.  Hideaway.  Some of the best times in my life have been spent in a lockout.

Watterson had one for about 10 months in '05-'06.  And we recorded almost every single note that was played in that space.  We had pictures up on the wall and a couch and our own PA and all my amps were in there and I left my computer there as a recording rig. 

It was a great space that we shared with one other band.  We recorded our demo in that space and we practiced for every single show in there, too.  Yeah, we were too loud and yes, when your cell phone was about to ring this weird interference noise would blare through the amps and the PA and sure, it was always dirty and there were always wires all over the floor, and yeah, we didn't get as technically proficient as we could or should have been, but there were moments of complete musical bliss in that lockout and I can't wait to have a space like that again for Oh Girl, for solo stuff, for teaching Chase how to drum and play guitar, for writing duets with Rachel, for recording artists from Orange County, for playing around at 2 in the morning because I've had a great idea...

There's a 99 square foot space in Fullerton that's about 45 minutes away from where I live. 

She will be mine.  Oh, yes.  She will be mine...

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