Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Live and Learn and Re-Focus

Effect: No one comes to the show.

Cause: Lack of promotion.

More detailed explanation of Cause:  You haven't put in the work.  No recordings released.  Little footwork done in the form of going to shows and supporting the local scene and networking.  No fans that extend beyond your friend network that will help in spreading the word about the band.  The music isn't phenomenal and ear-catching enough to garner attention.  You were naive in taking a show on a night when there wouldn't be much foot traffic.  You've spread yourself too thin and are still treating music like a hobby instead of a lifestyle and an opportunity to spread art and a way to give the gift of entertainment.

Examine the problem.  Internalize.  And come up with a solution.


Oh Girl is going to be recording as soon as possible.  Because without a physical (or digital) recording there's no way to spread the music, no way to get the band out there, no vehicle for promotion.  Live recordings are fine, but they aren't enough.  So we're gonna be putting shows on hold until we can get in the studio and record some songs for y'alls.

In other news, you rock.  For reading and putting up with my ramblings and being slightly entertained and keeping me on the radar in your crazy, hectic, interesting beautiful lives.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!!

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  1. I'm impressed. You make no excuses for yourself to fall back on. Although Monday Night is rough. Your vision is clear. Your enthusiasm is infectious. You, my friend, will find your way.