Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just start typing...

... especially if you can't think of anything to type.

Just start typing. Something will eventually happen.

Can't think of a good song. Just start playing. Any random chords, any random notes, hum something then try to pluck it out on the guitar, sing nonsensical phrases, stream of consciousness, sing about something you did today or yesterday or seven years ago, play one chord and sing over it for 10 minutes, vary the meter, vary the strum pattern., remember to hit record on your iphone, because genius might happen, or it might not, but it sure is fun to try, isn't it?

If you're stuck, if it feels like you have no plan, if you don't know the next step... just go, start, write, play, go, go, go... better to be active than just sit there waiting...

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