Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Inspiration- Drummer- Jonas Holmberg

Komeda rocks my socks. They're Swedish. They're pop. They opened for Beck. They have a chick singer.

Sock rockage commence...

They're drummer Jonas Holmberg drums how I want to drum: simple, tasteful, complex, complementary, swingy, jazzy, rocky, powerful, for the song.

Their album What Makes It Go? is one of my favorites. "Curious" is so laid back and cool and swung. "Flabbergast" is literally one of the songs that made me want to get on a drumkit. It's super easy. The parts are straightforward, but there's a presence to the simplicity. You can zone on the drums then drift to the other parts in the arrangement but the drums hold it all together. There are 4 basic themes and it's all about the dynamics and the movement that's created by the interplay between hat, snare, kick, toms, tambourine, ride... God... I love the drums in this song. And as if all that weren't enough, the kick-snare pattern morphs during the coda... ahhhhhhh... so good...

Jonas is one of those drummers that makes it easy to focus on the drum part but not because it's flashy, actually just the opposite. You marvel at how he can make something sound easy that's so complex, he makes it sound full while keeping it simple, he completes the song, which is the goal of any good drummer.

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