Tuesday, August 23, 2011


... have their pros and cons.

Training routines help you achieve a fitness goal by breaking the physical journey into smaller chunks that are more easily completed.

Daily office routines help you finish your work and mark items off your to do list.

Routines can also make you complacent. You get used to the monotony of a routine, and it can swallow you up or make you feel comfortable enough to cruise or keep you from doing the actual hard work that the routine was initially created to help you do...

I've been in a blogging routine the last couple days. Blog when you get on the computer at night, about running, about music, about family, about what you've learned, about success, about failure. I like this blogging routine. But I can see how it would make me complacent.

I'm starting to think about blogging topics throughout the day. "I saw 'subprime' on a billboard, which made me think about Sublime, and wouldn't you know it, I'm seeing 311 and Sublime tonight!" or "I almost got hit by a car today. That would be an interesting story." And it's fun to think about blogging topics and have that be a part of the routine, except I'm realizing that I prefer spontaneity and not being so planned and not falling into a routine.

I've been on a pretty consistent running routine for the last couple months. Except now I'm starting to plateau and there's only so much you can do before your body gets used to the rigors of running and you have to switch it up in order to throw your body for a loop and force it to adapt and maximize your physical results....

On another note, I guess P-Rest of your Life- X isn't as marketable...

But yeah... routines. Can be boring. Can be exhilarating. Can help. Can hurt.

Funny how almost everything has two sides... (that will be a good topic for a blog... but don't make it so routine, Glynn...)

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