Friday, August 26, 2011

Guitar Shopping- First Time Actually Looking

I got out of work early today. 4pm instead of 5pm. So I went down to every musician's favorite place (note the sarcasm)... Guitar Center. I was in the mood to play some acoustics.

I sat down with an Ibanez Acoustic Electric for a little bit. My first three guitars were from Ibanez, so I felt like going back to my roots. Nothing special.

Picked up a used Martin that was pretty rad. Then migrated to the "more expensive" section and tried out a couple more Martins. Pretty cool. Still couldn't really feel anything that would justify an $800 to $1200 investment.

Then I played a couple Taylors. The Taylor 110ce felt very good. Nice action, no fret buzz, good weight. Yes, I've been playing guitar for almost 11 years, but I still don't know exactly what I like in a guitar. I just know when it feels good. After picking up the various Taylors, I can honestly say that I felt a noticeable difference and that I would feel comfortable investing in one of their guitars. But I can also say that I'm pretty fickle and what felt good today might feel "meh" tomorrow.

It was fun to go guitar shopping, though. I haven't made a "real" guitar purchase in almost 10 years, so I feel like the next guitar purchase I make should be a special one... one with which I take my time.

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