Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Run Log #7- Routine

Up at 6:30.

Get dressed.

iPhone into armband.

Shoes laced.

Make sure GPS is working.

Start Activity...

There's No Home for You Here- The White Stripes
Great DJ- The Ting Tings
Bounce- System of a Down
Killing in the Name- Rage Against the Machine
The Stalker- Piebald
For Sunday- Name Taken
Helena- My Chemical Romance
Blood of the Scribe- Lamb of God

Stop Activity.

Walk to cool down.

Shoes off.

Socks off.

Onto yoga mat.

3 sets of 10 sit-ups alternated with 3 sets of 10 push-ups.

Calf stretch.

Quad stretch.

Hamstring stretch.

Groin stretch.


I like my running routine.  But I need to push harder.  Stress and recover...  Rest day tomorrow.


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