Thursday, July 8, 2010


I'd be remiss if I didn't join the millions of people that will be writing a LeBron James blog post tonight...

The Decision brought to you by Bing... (awesome)

There's a part of me that:

- hates LeBron for stabbing Cleveland in the back
- knows that LeBron didn't owe Cleveland anything
- wants to wholeheartedly jump on the Miami bandwagon
- knows that the Lakers are still the favorite for the NBA Championship in 2011
- admits that if Miami makes 3 more good moves, they have the potential to win A LOT
- marvels at the media hurricane that was stirred up by a guy that puts a ball in a hoop for a living
- remembers that a similar media hurricane was very recently stirred up by a guy that rolls a ball into a cup for a living
- realizes that in America, the amount of excitement surrounding LeBron tonight will never surround the World Cup, at least not in my lifetime
- can't help but think that David Stern orchestrated this whole thing, knowing full well how huge it would be for the league
- can't wait for Christmas, so I can sit back and watch the Lakers play the Heat...

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