Thursday, July 8, 2010

Run Log #5- One step at a time...

I feel a little better every time I run...?

Question because I can't really tell.  I think I feel better, but I could be trying to delude myself.  I'm up to the 15 minute stage of my base fitness training, and I can't help but think that running eighteen 15 minute stretches in a row (a 4:30 marathon) is going to be next to impossible.  Which is complete bullshit because I know that if I stick to the program, I'll be golden...

"It was your 5th running session, Glynn.  Take it easy and give yourself a break..."

American Hearts- Piebald
You Know the Story- Ozma
Landing of Yuri Gagarin- Ozma
No Support- It's Casual
Going Steady- Death From Above 1979
Dead End Friends- Them Crooked Vultures
Right Hand on My Heart- Whigs
Joker & the Thief- Wolfmother

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