Saturday, October 8, 2011

... On the Shoulders of Giants (and rambling)

We are all standing on the shoulders of giants. Those who came before us paved the way for all of our lives. Even their failures have helped us. Without their contributions, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Sometimes I think that I can't fully communicate the thoughts in my head. And I'm sad. Not because I feel like what's in my head is so brilliant, but because not being fully understood is frustrating. Only in this case the not being fully understood is my fault because it arises out of my own inability to put my thoughts on the page (screen).

I have hopes and dreams and plans and goals and things I want to do. Looking out for yourself is not a bad thing.

Planning and doing are two completely separate things.

Falling short can be better than standing tall.

My self-importance knows no bounds sometimes.

I want to play a show soon.

I can totally be in 5 bands that are successful with completely different audiences for each band. There are enough people in the world and enough ideas in my head and enough talent in these fingers but not necessarily enough time in the day or will in the heart or drive in the head.

Straightforward is nice but not necessarily interesting. Simple and clean and concise and to the point and genuine always genuine with good intentions to entertain to make people think to make people feel.

Make people feel. In 2 minutes or less. Have an opinion. Don't ride the fence (too much). Tell stories. Universal stories. Stories for us all. Stories for one person. Stories that alienate. Stories that invite. A song about everything. A song about nothing. Have fun. Be yourself. Poke fun. Poke and prod and search for the truth. In 2 minutes or less. Force the boundaries to shape your work. Work within the box. Allow the box to push you farther. The box is good and horrible. Be a contradiction. Occupy the grey. No right, no wrong, no war, no peace, no truth, no lie, no god, no devil, nothing to believe in. Lazy, lazy, lazy. Apathetic. Caring too much. Faux british accent. Faux hipster chic. Trucker hat. Fixed gear. Vegan hot dog.


We are all disappointments. We are all successful beyond our wildest dreams.

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