Monday, June 7, 2010

Snippets of lyrics

there's six strings attached to you, and i'm trying to do the best that i can do.  please believe me...

i'm a mess.  i confess that the rest of my night will be spent surreptitiously stealing a view of you

i had a girl.  she went and spent me.  if she hadn't, we might never have ended.  we played some games.  stuck to what was easy.  thought that we were happy.  what did we know?

you know where to go when you're trying to run, don't you?

you hold your head up by yourself, i hoped that it would last longer than it really has...

i bought the friends box set just for you, and then a penguin that you could wear around your neck...

i'm sitting naked in my bedroom on a saturday morning writing a song about you

don't tell me things i already know.  i'd much rather be surprised than placated.  do tell me how you'd feel if i throw away one more day.

uh oh.  he's up again.  time to clean shit...


You can hear almost all of these lyrics in video demos of my songs at my youtube page.

And here's a picture of my feet on a guitar case:

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