Sunday, July 21, 2013

All It Takes is One Weak Link

One chink in the armor.

One crack in the dam.

Then water starts to leak and before you know it...


... there's no water behind the dam! (eloquent, Glynn... really eloquent)

Tiger Woods had a pretty bad final round today. Started badly, ended badly, middled badly.

He had a chance to get to 15, and instead he's still 4 back of the Golden Bear.

And for the first time in what seems like... well... ever... I thought that he might not get there. He might not get the record. He might just end up being a footnote. Not really because he'll go down as one of the greatest if not THE greatest ever, but it still planted a seed of doubt.

And it was solidified as they showed him walking up 18. As he was walking up 18, he was doffing his hat, thanking the crowd for their cheers. Then... he tripped. Not a full blown fall on face and pull oneself back up trip. A subtle, tangling of feet that was instantaneously caught and forgotten...

But that's the thing. The old Tiger would not have tripped. He would have been walking confidently. He would have been winning. It would have been a coronation.

But the new Tiger is beatable. The new Tiger doesn't put up a great final round score to win his 15th Major tournament. The new Tiger has a weak link. The new Tiger knows what it means to lose.

He might not get there. But I hope he does.

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