Saturday, April 16, 2011



I'm now married. Can't type, read, digest that sentence without smiling. The wedding was amazing. We couldn't have asked for more beautiful day, ceremony, reception, gathering of friends and family, celebration. Rachel's dress was stunning, and she was as beautiful as I've ever seen her. Which is saying a lot because she's beautiful right out of bed with poofy hair and no make-up. (If you're reading this, babe, I'm simultaneously sorry and not sorry at all. I love you.)

Honeymoon exceeded all of our expectations, too. 9 day Mexican Riviera cruise. 4 days at sea and 5 days onshore along the way: Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, 2 days in Cabo San Lucas, and Ensenada. At sea, we were definitely "that couple": the newlywed couple in the "Game of Love", which was videotaped and played on repeat (ad nauseum) on "cruise channel" on every passengers TV; multiple onstage appearances including the "Game Show" and the "60 Second Challenge"; amazing shows with our friend David Marchesano as one of the featured singers; many minutes spent in the Casino (we were actually up on the slots, but the tables evened everything out).

We also had a blast onshore: cruising through local markets, horseback riding, learning about small villages, snorkeling, having lunch cooked for us by villagers on a secluded beach only accessible by boat, learning how to make 7 salsas including guacamole and a dessert salsa, learning how to salsa dance and taking home a lime press for being the best dancing couple, taking a relaxing boat ride to another snorkeling spot then proceeding to drink the day away on the way back to the cruise ship, and scoping La Bufadora before walking through more markets and having tacos at a restaurant in the fish market in Ensenada.

Man, just reminiscing about the trip... it really was the best vacation we've ever had...

Also, a new job. Loved my time with Kaenon Polarized. Have since moved on to a special events production company called McNally Enterprises.

The parallels are interesting. Family owned businesses. Core employees wear several hats. Passionate owners with distinct visions.

The transition has been pretty smooth.

Hopefully, my next blog post isn't a boring recap and will have some actual thought provoking shenanigans coursing through its digital veins... wait... what?

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