Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's easy to get angry

When you've done something wrong, when you've failed miserably, when you've dropped the ball, when you've completely and utterly blown it...

It's easy to get angry. To point the finger. To lash out and make excuses and blame everybody and everything but yourself.

And then, once you've wasted all that energy on anger, you still haven't learned anything. And the cycle repeats. And you end up in a position that makes you angry again.

Anger doesn't really solve anything, but it feels good because it resembles action. But there is something much more productive than anger. It's patience and ownership and analysis and internalization. Or, more simply put, it's shutting up, owning your shit, and making sure you never do it again.

No one never makes mistakes. Some learn, some don't.

Now go forget about all of this meaningless shit for 6 hours and cuddle with your wife and get some sleep... You're a lucky, lucky man...

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