Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hurry Up and Wait

I need to remember that this blog is a way for my past self to teach my future self by chronicling my present self's failings.

There's something oh so wrong about that sentence that makes it feel oh so right.

So... um... hubris much?

I'm starting to right again... wow...

I'm starting to write again.

Mistakes make us human. Mistakes are the good stuff.

Mistakes are why a computer will never be able to create a truly beautiful work of art.

So... um... pretentious much?

Is there anything I've gone all in on? It's so much easier to have an out, to spread yourself thin, to do just enough to get started and then falter once you really come up against it.

Case in point: I'm talking to Rachel while blogging while Facebook messaging with Dean while cruising Promotive... and also thinking about the song I'm currently working on.

So... um... distracted much?

Lesson of the day?


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