Sunday, July 6, 2014

Daily Interactions

How was your weekend?

Pretty good. And you?

Same here. Too short, though.

It always is!!


I wonder how many times I've had that exact interaction with someone. A neighbor. A co-worker. A classmate.

Serve. Return. Overhead smash. 

Tiny set-ups for an age-old joke.

It's a choreographed routine of words, and we've all learned it and internalized it and it's pure reflex by now.

Are any daily interactions truly original? Has anything we've done not been done before?

We're all just floating along, interacting with each other, perpetuating the social norms, filling the day with small talk and cliche and rote responses.

Is this what we've settled for?

Also, is it too late to go bake brownies...?

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