Thursday, January 5, 2017

Labels and Links and SEO

Labels and links and SEO are supposed to help people find your blog.

But what if I don't want people to find my blog.

What if I want to write just for myself.

What if I could actually be honest with myself.

Of course, you want people to find your blog.

Attention is not a bad thing.

Attention is normally a good thing.

Write and write and write and write.

You'll read this later and be reminded of how bad it was at the beginning.

This is another "wave" of blogging you're preparing to surf. We'll see how long this ride lasts.

Write what you know.

I know that the Ultimate Garage from Hot Wheels is my current favorite toy to play with with my son Chase.

I know that Drake is from Toronto.

I know that Tom Brady didn't play in the first 4 games of this NFL season.

Facts are easier to spread than opinions.

My opinions are ill informed.

My opinions are wish washy at best.

I am constantly on the fence.

This is a rare fact/ opinion combo platter.

Orange chicken from Panda Express is really good.

I will proceed to go back and insert links where applicable.



I like facts.

I like this blog.

Opinions are okay, too.

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