Sunday, December 2, 2012

Two Months Later (and notes on a solo album)

And I'm just now checking in...

What's up, internet? How you been? Good? Good! I've been doing okay, too. Well, more than okay. I've been doing really great! What's that, you say? There's not really any actual content in any of my posts? Hmmmm... I would have to agree with you, and yet, I won't. Because there is an audience for everything. And metrics don't lie. I don't have any actual content in my posts...

"I'd like to do lots of stuff, but there never seems to enough time," said anyone and everyone at one point in her life.

I like listing logistical properties of artistic projects I hope to bring into existence.

Solo album.

Recorded in my garage.

With a single microphone up in the storage area of the garage.

Recorded on to and mixed in and with my iPhone.

It would have to be garage rock, by default due to geography.

Three piece?





Concept album?

8-12 songs.

2:30 minutes or less, which bumps the song total to 14-18. No, wait... 10-12. About half an hour would be nice, but I wouldn't cry if it were 34:19.

Extreme focus within the subject matter. A song about the 4th hole at Mountain Meadows golf course. A song about the Expedit shelving unit from Ikea. A song about the bacon wrapped asparagus from Bengal Barbecue in Disneyland.

Take your time, but don't dwell.


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